Chief Minister
The mankind have seen different phases in last 200 years and number of countries have evolved their systems according to their needs and according to the socio economic conditions. Unfortunately in our country we have not worked to change our fate th... View Details
Chief Secretary
It shall be the responsibility of the Chief Secretary to coordinate the work of all Departments of Government. The Chief Secretary may call for any case or information from any Department or Attached Department. The Establishment and Administration Department... View Details
About Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa – Land of the Valiant Pakhtuns is bounded by Afghanistan to the west and north, Azad Kashmir and the Northern Areas (the Pakistani-administered areas of the Kashmir region) to the east and northeast, Punjab province to the southeast, and Baluchistan province to the southwest. On the western boundary of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, along the Afghan border, lie the erstwhile federally administered tribal areas (FATA) which were recently integrated with and merged into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa under the 25th Constitutional Amendment transferring all executive authority to Chief Minister KP and his cabinet. Sloping down from the breathtaking beauty of the Hindu Kush to the sun baked plains of the Derajat, the province can be divided into two zones based on its diverse geography. The northern zone with its surreal landscape cladded with snowy peaks and lush green pastures supports a cold climate with heavy rainfall and pleasant summers with the exception of Peshawar basin, which tends to be hot in summer and cold in winter with moderate rainfall. While the southern end with its contrasting spur of clay and sandstone hills stretching onwards from Peshawar to the Derajat Basin, is arid with hot summers and relatively cold winters and scanty rainfall. The major rivers that criss-cross the province are the Kabul, Swat, Chitral, Kunar, Siran, Panjkora, Bara, Kurram, Dor, Haroo, Gomal and Zhob.    

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Designation Department / Directorate Contact / Extension Email Address
Police Station Daraban DIKhan 0966 790012
Police Station Dera Town DIKhan 0966 710140
Police Station Band Kurai DIKhan 0966 778300
Police Station Gomal University DIKhan 0966 750222
Police Station Gomal University DIKhan 0966 750222
Police Station City DIKhan 0966 9280302
Police Station Kirri Khaisor DIKhan 0966 776107
Police Station Kulachi DIKhan 0966 760307
Police Station Paharpur DIKhan 0966 775306
Police Station Panyala DIKhan 0966 770013
Police Station Paroa DIKhan 0966 754010
Police Station Yarik DIKhan 0966 785060
Population Welfare Department DIKhan DIKhan 0966 9280208
Police Station Saddar DIKhan 0966 741304
Public Health Engineering DIKhan DIKhan 0966 9280222

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