List of members of the Provincial Assembly Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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Lis of Ministers

S.No Name Minsistry of./Portfolio
1 Mr. Mahmood Khan Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
2 Mr. Muhammad Atif, Senior Minister Culture, Sports, Tourism, Archaeology & Youth Affairs
3 Mr. Shehram Khan Local Government
4 Mr. Taimur Saleem Khan Jhagra Finance
5 Syed Muhammad Ishtiaq Forestry, Environment & WildeLife
6 Haji Qalandar Khan Lodhi Food
7 Mr. Akbar Ayub Khan Communication & Works
8 Mr. Mohibullah Khan Agriculture
9 Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Revenue
10 Dr. Amjad Ali Minerals Development
11 Mr. Sultan Muhammad Khan Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights
12 Mr. Hisham Inam Ullah Khan Health
13 Mr. Shaukat Ali, Yousafzai Information & Public Relations

List of Advisors

S.No Name Designation Deparment
1 Mr. Zia Ullah Khan Advisor to CM Elementary and Secondary Education
2 Mr Himayat Ullah Khan Advisor to CM Energy & Power
3 Mr. Ajmal Wazir Advisor to CM Merged Area & Spokesperson of kp govt

List of Special Assistant

S.No Name Designation Deparment
1 Mr. Kamran Khan Bangash Special Assistant to CM Science & Technology and Information Technology
2 Mr. Abdul Karim Khan Special Assistant to CM Industries & Commerce
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