Capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Peshawar)

The Peshawar Valley cradled between the Khyber Pass and the Indus River is an ancient doorway witness to the many crusades that carved the fate of this world. At the Western end of the valley in the shadow of the highest visible peaks and thirty miles from the border of Afghanistan, lies the ancient town of Peshawar.  The Valley derives its name from this town which still mirrors an image of the olden days.

Modified under the British rule as a frontier town, consisting of two distinct parts- the “city” which comprised of the old native bazar town, and the “Cantonment”, a European style military post with government offices, Peshawar in recent times has transitioned into a modern city bursting with life and opportunities for progress. With the increase in infrastructural development and multiple architectural projects underway, the city has successfully grabbed the attention of national and international investors. Many businesses have landed in the city and are successfully expanding themselves in a favorable environment. Housing options have outgrown the restricted boundaries with the introduction of multiple housing societies, the largest based in Hayatabad and currently extending into its 7th Phase. However the biggest change has hit the entertainment and food industry which in recent times has experienced a massive shift from a specific trend to the introduction of national and international brands and cuisines that are rapidly making their way into the city.  The overall ambience of the city has changed for the better and has helped in allowing a smooth yet beneficial transformation into a modern terrain that is still rooted to its cultural legacy.


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