Citizen Services

S.No Title Department
61 Fisheries Rules
Directorate of Fisheries
62 Fisheries Ordinance
Directorate of Fisheries
63 Seed Act 2014
Directorate General of Soil Conservation
64 Seed Act 2014
Directorate of Agriculture Research
65 Seed Act 2014
Livestock & Dairy Development Research
66 Seed Act 2014
Directorate of Livestock and Dairy Development
67 Seed Act 2014
Directorate of Agriculture Engineering
68 Improvement and Lining of Watercourses in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Directorate of OnFarm Water Management
69 Agriculture Training Institute (ATI) Prospectus
70 Registration Form ZARAAT NAMA
71 Medical Treatment
Employees Social Security Institution
72 KP Model Farm Services Center Act 2014 (MFSC)
Bureau of Agriculture Information
73 Improving agricultural extension FAO
Bureau of Agriculture Information
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