About 3384 Tenders
INF# Tender Title Tender Type Expiry Date Department
1613 Corrigendum of INF(P) 1613 Construction & Rehabilitation of Darul Uloom Haqannia
Communication & Works
1514 Corrigendum of INF(P) 1514 Pre-Qualification of contractors for Establishment of
DHQ hospital Torghar

Communication & Works
1493 Corrigendum of INF(P) 1493 Construction/Improvement of Roads, Cause way &
Sanitation scheme

Tehsil Municipal Administration
1591 Corrigendum of INF(P) 1591 supply of IT equipment, software, hardware,
furniture, machinery etc

Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights
1799 Tender Notice for construction of boundary wall, fencing & installation of LED
street light

Town Municipal Administration
Work Contract11-05-2017
1797 Tender Notice for construction of play grounds, streets, drains, culverts, side
wall, supplying, fixing of G.I Pipes, streets lights/LEDs

Village Council
Work Contract10-05-2017
1769 Tender Notice for construction of tube well with all requirements
Village Council
Work Contract11-05-2017
1767 Tender Notice for construction of Cabins
Divisional Forest Officer
Work Contract08-05-2017
1760 Absent Notice Sweeper Wahid Masih
Communication & Works
1756 Tender Notice for supply of CR X-ray machine & Ultra Sound Machine
Paraplegic Centre
1755 Tender Notice for Pre-Qualification for strengthening & Renovation of Matta

Communication & Works
Services Contract05-05-2017
1753 Absent Notice Miss Robina PST
District Education Officer Female
1752 Auction of old building
Tehsil Municipal Administration
1751 Tender Notice for supply & fixing work
Tehsil Municipal Administration
Work Contract04-05-2017
1750 Absent Notice Constable Abdul Majeed
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