About 4577 Tenders
INF# Tender Title Tender Type Expiry Date Department
5876 Tender Notice for Improvement/Construction of Channels, Roads,Paths & WSS
Public Health Engineering
Work Contract15-11-2016
5875 Tender Notice for Construction of Roads
Village Council
Work Contract10-11-2016
5531 Corrigendum of INF(P) 5531
Communication & Works
5444 Corrigendum of EOI Reference of INF(P) 5125
5401 Corrigendum of INF(P) 5401
Village Council
5125 Corrigendum of INF(P) 5125
Village Council
5921 Tender Notice for Construction of Streets, Culverts & Drains
Village Council
Work Contract26-11-2016
5920 Tender Notice for Construction of Streets, Drains,Veranda, Compound Wall of
Janazgah & Silt Clearance of Drainage System

Village Council
Work Contract16-11-2016
5918 Tender Notice for Construction/Repair of Rain water Pond, Protection Bund &
Water Tanks

Village Council
Work Contract14-11-2016
5917 Tender Notice 2nd Time Quotation Required for Medicine & Disposables
5913 Tender Notice for Construction of Drains, Veranda, Compound Wall & Installation
of Submersible Pump

Village Council
Work Contract30-10-2016
5908 Tender Notice for Construction of Streets & Installation of Hand Pump
Village Council
Work Contract08-12-2016
5906 Tender Notice for Construction of Boundary Wall, Drains & Clearance of Bushes
Village Council
Work Contract24-10-2016
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