About 4694 Tenders
INF# Tender Title Tender Type Expiry Date Department
1491 Notice Inviting Tender (Construction & Rehabilitation Works)
Communication & Works
Work Contract24-04-2018
1489 Tender Notice for Construction of Solar Based & WSS Schemes)
Public Health Engineering
Work Contract16-04-2018
1483 Notice Inviting E-Bidding (Construction works)
Communication & Works
Work Contract17-04-2018
1488 Notice Inviting E-Bidding ( Construction & Maintenance work)
Communication & Works
Work Contract09-04-2018
1480 Absentee Notice (Levies force)
Commandant Levies Force
1506 Absentee Notice (Swabi)
District Education Officer Male
1470 Auction Notice
Provincial Building Construction Division
1496 Notice Re-Inviting E-Bidding (Construction Work)
Local Government
Work Contract10-04-2018
1486 Invitation for Bids (Supply of Medical Equipments)
1487 Notice Inviting E- Bidding (Improvement /Rehabilitation Work)
Work Contract11-04-2018
1465 Tender Notice for Construction Roads etc,
Tehsil Municipal Administration
Work Contract17-04-2018
1473 Tender Notice for Supply of laptop & Furniture etc,
Deputy Commissioner
Work Contract10-04-2018
1476 Absentee Notice
Local Government
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