About 2453 Tenders
INF# Tender Title Tender Type Expiry Date Department
Tender Notice for Timber Loading Unloading Work
Forest Division
289 Tender Notice Quotation Required
Commandant Levies Force
285 Notice for Pre-Qualification of Firms for Supply & Operation of Rental Diesel
Generator at Reshun Chitral

Services Contract14-02-2017
284 Tender Notice for Rehabilitation of 4.2 MW Reshun HPP Transmission Line
Work Contract14-02-2017
283 Notice for Pre-Qualification of Consultancy Services
Services Contract14-02-2017
282 IFB for Procuring Solar System, Malaria Insecticides, Bed Nets & Malaria Spry

District Health Officer
281 Tender Notice for Supply, Commissioning & Testing of KSB/HMA Submersible Pump
With Motor

Technical & Vocational Centre
Work Contract15-02-2017
279 Tender Notice for Construction of Streets, Drains, Sanitation & Installation of
Hand Pumps

Village Council
Work Contract02-02-2017
278 Tender Notice for Pavement of Streets & Drains
Village Council
Work Contract23-02-2017
276 Re-Tender Notice for Installation of Water Pump at VC Badraca
Village Council
Work Contract06-02-2017
275 Tender Notice for Construction of Water Supply Scheme, Path, Water Tank & Link

Village Council
Work Contract09-02-2017
274 Absent Notice
254 E-Tender Notice
Tehsil Municipal Administration
Work Contract02-02-2017
252 Notice Inviting Tenders
Communication & Works
Work Contract07-02-2017
248 Notice Inviting E-Tender
Local Government
Work Contract06-02-2017
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