About 3808 Tenders
INF# Tender Title Tender Type Expiry Date Department
2386 Tender Notice for AM&R to irrigation canals
Work Contract08-06-2017
2385 Tender Notice for AOM&R of residential/non-residential buildingd
Communication & Works
Work Contract07-06-2017
2384 Auction of water mills
2383 Tender Notice for Supply & Installation of Laptops, Desktops Computers, Scaner,
Server, Printers, Photocopiers etc

2290 Corrigendum of INF(P) 2290 purchase of laboratory items & staff hostel karakari
Government Degree College
2160 Corrigendum of INF(P) 2160
Public Health Engineering
2143 Corrigendum of INF(P) 2143 Construction Work
Swabi Development Authority
0001/Seeratun NabbiConference Quotations/ Tenders for Seeratun Nabi Conference
Auqaf & Religious Affairs
Services Contract22-05-2017
2378 Tender Notice for refurbishment of the office
The Project Management Unit
Work Contract02-06-2017
2376 Tender Notice for Supply of computers, laptops, laser printers, multimedia,
photocopier & split AC

The Project Management Unit
2375 Tender Notice for Construction streets & side wall
Village Council
Work Contract08-06-2017
2373 Tender Notice for pavement of street, drains, installation of solar system,
water supply scheme etc

Tehsil Municipal Administration
Work Contract06-06-2017
2372 Tender Notice for construction of streets, drains, culverts and fixing &
installation of G.I pipe

Village Council
Work Contract05-06-2017
2371 Tender Notice for Pre-Qualification of contractors for Re-Construction of
damaged prison due to earthquake

Communication & Works
Services Contract08-06-2017
2370 Tender Notice for improvement work of District Jail Mansehra
Communication & Works
Work Contract06-06-2017
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