Digital Youth Summit (DYS) 2021

Digital Youth Summit will bring together the next generation of digital innovators in Pakistan and typically attracts three audiences: tech industry leaders from Pakistan and abroad, the nascent startup community, and young people looking to network, learn, and be inspired. The aim of summit is to bring together technology experts, entrepreneurs (aspiring, early-stage, and experienced), and other stakeholders on one single stage in order to provide a platform for knowledge transfer, opportunities for networking, and collaboration.
DYS has been a pioneer Tech Conference in Pakistan and it is the largest and longest-running tech conference. It attracts large audiences both nationally and internationally consisting of youth, tech enthusiasts, academia, industry, governments, investors, and civil society. The program of the conference is very dynamic, focusing on contemporary ideas and issues in the field of Information Technology The Digital Youth Summit is a tech conference and startup expo which was first organised in Pakistan in May 2014. It’s main objective is to bring together the next generation of digital innovators in Pakistan, with a primary focus on technology entrepreneurship, on-line work and ‘tech for social’ innovation. 
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