The N.W.F.P Fisheries (Amendment) Act, 1991

26th March, 1991.

No. PA/NWFP/Logis/91/5115.---The North-West Frontier Province Fisheries (Amendment) Bill, 1991, having been passed by the Provincial Assembly of the North-West Fron­tier Province on the 12th March, 1991 and assented to by the Governor of the North-West Frontier Province on the 21st March, 1991, is hereby published, as an Act of the Provincial Legislature of North-West Frontier Province.

N.W.F.P. ACT No. I of 1991.

[First published after having received the assent of the Governor of the North-West Frontier Province in the Gazette of North-West Frontier Province (Extraordinary) dated the 26th March, 1991].

Further to amend the West Pakistan Fisheries Ordinance, 1961.
Peamble.---      WHEREAS it expedient further to amend the West Pakis­tan Ordinance, 1961 (W.P. Ordinance XXX of 1961), for the purpose hereinafter appearing;
It is hereby enacted as follows:
1Short title and commencment.---      (1)        This Act may be called the North-West Frontier Province Fisheries (Amendment) Act, 1991.
(2)   It shall come into force at once.

  1. Amendment of section 6 of W.P. Ord. XXX of 1961.---      In the West Pakistan Fisheries Ordinance, 1961 (W. P. Ordinance XXX of 1961), in section 6, for the words "any dynamite or other explosive substance", the words and comma "any dynamite, electric shock or other explosive substance" shall be substituted.
  2. Repeal.---        The North-West Frontier Province Fisheries (Amendment) Ordinance, 1991 (N.W.F.P. Ordinance No. I of 1991) is hereby repealed.



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