The Provincial Motor Vehicles (N.W.F.P) (Amendment) Act, 1996


N.-W.F.P. ACT NO. XVII OF 1996.

[First published after having received the assent of the Governor of the
North-West Frontier Province (Extraordinary)
dated the 16th October, 1996.]

further to amend the Provincial Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1965.

            Preamble.---WHEREAS  it is expedient further to amend the Provincial Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1965 ( W.P. Ord: XIX of 1965 ), for the purposes hereinafter appearing;

            It is hereby enacted as follows:

1.         Short title and commencement.---(1)  This Act may be called the Provincial Motor Vehicles (North-West Frontier Province) (Amendment) Act, 1996.

         (2)   It shall come into force at once.

2.         Insertion of new section 23-A to W.P. Ord. XIX of 1965.---In the Provincial Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1965 (W.P. Ord. XIX of 1965), hereinafter referred to as the said Ordinance, after section 23 the following new section shall be inserted, namely:-

            “23-A. Penalty in default of registration.---If any owner of a motor vehicle imported into the country or purchased from any authorized manufacturer in the country, fails to register it within sixty days of its import, or purchase, as the case may be, he shall, besides the registration fee prescribed under the rules, be liable to a penalty at the following rates:  

(i)    Where the default does not           Rs. 2000.00
        exceed six months; and 

(ii)   Where the default exceeds           Rs. 5000.00
        six months.

3.         Substitution of section 25 of W.P. Ord. XIX of 1965.---In the said Ordinance, for section 25 the following shall be substituted, namely:- 
                “25.   Registration how to be made.---(1) An application for registration of a motor vehicle shall be made to the registering authority by the owner personally or through a duly authorized agent, in Form “F” as set forth in the First Schedule to this Ordinance, and shall be accompanied by the following:-
(a) import permit and the bill of ladding through which the motor vehicle is imported and papers indicating the payment of customs duty, etc., leviable on the import of such a motor vehicle;

(b) sale authority letter and invoice issued by the authorised manufacturer of the motor vehicle or by his authorised dealer in Pakistan; and

                   (c)  in case of re-registration under section 30 of this Ordinance, the registration certificate issued by the original registering authority together with a ‘No Objection Certificate (NOC)’ issued by it.

            (2) The registering authority shall, in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance, issue to the owner of the motor vehicle, a certificate of registration in form “G” on payment of prescribed fee, as set forth in the First Schedule to this Ordinance and shall enter the particulars of such certificate in the register to be maintained by it in this behalf.

            (3)  The registering authority shall assign to motor vehicles for display thereon, in the prescribed manner, a distinguishing mark (in this Ordinance referred to as registration mark), containing the name of the Province, the name of the district where the vehicle is registered and such letter or group of letters and figures as may be prescribed.

            (4)  The certificate issued under sub-section (2) shall be provisional certificate till documents referred to in clauses (a), (b) and (c) of sub-section (1) are verified from the concerned agencies by the registering authority:

            Provided that if the concerned agencies fail to verify the documents within a period of one year from the date of reference, it shall be presumed that the documents produced are fake and the provisional certificate shall stand suspended and cancelled as provided in sections 34 and 35 of this Ordinance:

            Provided further that the motor vehicles of which the registration certificate is cancelled under the first proviso or the motor vehicles the owners or keepers whereof may fail to produce any valid documents in support of their ownership, shall be seized by Government and disposed of in the prescribed manner.

            (5)  In every district each series shall start from No. 1001 and end at No. 9998; provided that serial numbers 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, 5555, 6666, 7777, 8888 and 9999 in each series shall not be assigned to any motor vehicle.

            (6)  The number plates to be affixed on motor vehicles for display shall be provided by Government to the owners of the motor vehicles on such payment as may be fixed by Government from time to time.
            (7)  The motor vehicle registered in a district under this section shall not be re-registered in any other district of the Province.

            (8) Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, allow the motor vehicles already registered in the Province under the old system to continue to display the old registration marks till such time as new registration mark, in the manner specified therein, are assigned to them:

             Provided that till such notification is issued, it shall not be unlawful of the owner of such motor vehicles to display the old registration marks.”.

            4.         Deletion of Sixth Schedule to W.P. Ord. XIX of 1965.---In the said Ordinance, the Sixth Schedule shall be deleted.



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